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Can you say MOVING???

So if you are wondering where we are? Well I should go take pictures of the boxes that are starting to stack up in my front room, and my basement. Yep, we are moving. We knew it was coming, and have been just waiting for the right house, we found one we like so the packing begins once again. For those keeping tabs this makes number 9. The funny thing is, I have this thing mastered now. I'm proud to say I took my cold storage down and packed the entire thing in one day, now my office thats another story.. Anyway we are moving to Springville (we think) it borders Mapleton and so until I get told where to setup utilities I'm not exactly sure what city the house is in. Regardless we are excited for a new house, dreading the moving part and unpacking once again. So if you don't see any posts for awhile well understand I'm knee deep in moving! Other than that nothing terribly exciting really other than kids are getting bigger and my baby is 8 months old. Where did the time go, she is growing so fast. So is Brayden and talking up a storm, some words make sense others not so much. I loved in the car the other day though that he was making Shelbie giggle and loving it. He would growl at her and she would giggle back. They are starting to interact with one another and it is really cute! Before long they will both be playing and chasing each other around the house.


December Fun!

Brody couldn't contain his excitement for his "Batman" stuff. It was batman year around here. Brayden opening his build a bear "Doggie".

This is what we got when Maggie came down the stairs and saw her bike, she was trying so hard not to smile! Shelblie getting into her new present! An exersaucer for girls. Tongue and all.

The kids christmas jammies!

This is beyond overdue, and will be short considering we have a little boy who likes to take apart the keyboard on our laptop computer so until it gets fixed the missing key that is driving all of us crazy the spacebar the most important key you use on it. ugggh. its a really big pain too. you try typing without using a spacebar and see how it drives you crazy. anyway a few highlights from christmas!


Format Frustrated!

So I am susposed to have some amazing update to add to this blog but right now when I get on I get frustrated looking at it. I spent several hours the other night updating and rearranging things on our blog and had this really cool look to it, and when I went to save it, it deleted the whole thing and than messed up the links on the sides. I still can't figure out how to get them back on the side instead of the bottom? Some code that I can't seem to find in the html format. Anyway if I had anything more exciting than pictures of the kids dressed in halloween costumes which has come and gone by now I would post pictures. We did get our family pictures done, but you will have to wait and see those in the Christmas card that we mail out this year. I love them, they turned out great.. Thanks Jen! Anyway when I figure out what I did wrong to the blog format I will have more updates!


Halloween Party

Last but not least, our biggest and most exciting event that we have been preparing for all month. Our annual Halloween Party. Many of you have come in the past, but I will admit this one was by far the best one we have yet hosted. It was a blast and lots of fun to put together, it was lots of work but so worth it in the end. Thanks to everyone who attended and for those of you who didn't because you aren't here, or couldn't make it. You missed out on an amazing party if I do say so myself. Here once again are pictures from the 7th annual Eliason Halloween Party, hard to believe we have been doing them that long. They just seem to get bigger and better each year. I have to hand it my husband though for the fun idea that everyone seemed to love! And who knows we just might venture and try this one again next year! We have got a few ideas up our sleeves already!

The boys, classic mofia pictures of them and the crew! I love the outfits!
Who did it? Guilty!

This is Weston and Carolynn our backyard neighbors. There costumes rock. I didn't recognize them at first it was so good! She played the part to!

And the party host and hostess! Wish this picture would of turned out better, I'm going to have to see if one of the other cameras used turned out better!

Some of the group at the craps table! Lots of fun rolling those dice and playing with chips and not loosing real money!

So this next picture is the Lumberjack group. You may ask didn't they get the message it was a mofia party? Nate is a business friend of ours in the red beanie and he told his friends they were going to a lumberjack party so to dress accordingly. Well when they pulled up to our house, he then informed them that they were going to a mofia party. What a surprise they got. But it lead to some great ideas for next year, REDNECKS!

This is my brother who didn't inform his wife until 15 minutes before they were leaving that it was a mofia party. She never did see the invitation that he got. Next time I will remember to send the invite to the wife! You guys looked great! Hey they always needed a doctor and a ragged Anne (?) yah! Hope you all enjoyed the party. Here is one last shot of everyone at the end of the night! Thanks again to all who came and made it so much fun, we love hosting parties and everyone who comes makes it that much better and for us!

Update on me!

So I wanted to update everyone on something I have been doing. It's kinda in a story format so hear goes. Last week I was at a dance class that I have been taking, my neighbor Susan teaches a weekly adult dance class, let me clarify ---its mostly moms who haven't danced in years except for a few who are really good. Anyway I enjoy it and its lots of fun and challenging in many ways. BUT, I was talking with one of the moms there who is really good and she was commenting on how much she enjoys dancing and having an out that she likes. Something she was doing for herself and something she loves. I found it funny as I sat there listening to her talk about dance and realized I enjoy dance but it's not my out. I have a new out that I am absolutely loving. Something I have wanted to do my whole life and I am finally getting the chance to do. Last year my wonderful in laws surprised me and delivered the piano that they have had in there home for 31 years to us as an early Christmas gift! Dave's dad gave it to his mom when he was born as a gift, and so I was the lucky recipient to receive such a glorious gift, now to some of you it might not seem like that. But to me it was a dream come true. This is where the BUT comes in, for years I have dreamed of learning how to play the piano, but I never grew up with one in my parents home so it was wasn't something I had the pleasure of doing. When we were first married my husband surprised me with renting a piano for the first year of our marriage but when we built our home we decided to let the lease on it expire and return the piano that's a whole story in and of itself. Anyway I took piano lessons for a few short months at that time and really enjoyed it, but didn't really learn enough to remember how to play when we received the piano. It wasn't until we moved into our current home that the desire to play became even stronger as I walked by what we call the piano room each day. A persistent nagging to myself to learn, and find someone to teach me. So when the kids started school in August I found myself a wonderful teacher in my ward and signed up for lessons. She is amazing and the way she is teaching me makes so much sense. So as I sat there listening to the lady talk at dance I thought to myself yah I enjoy dance, but I love piano and I am so loving learning how to play. Each week when I go to my lesson I am like a little kid so excited to see what is next. I will admit finding the time to practice with my little ones isn't that easy and I sometimes don't get to it like I want each day. But when I do sit down to play it is such a release for me and feels so good to be doing something for myself that I have wanted to do for years. So this is just a small shout out to my in laws for making my wish come true and enabling me to pursue a dream that is now becoming a reality. I would attach a picture of the piano but I haven't taken one yet, so I need to add that to the list of pictures to put in my scrapbooking stack with this story! But I will attach a picture of me holding Nine dozen roses that my husband surprised me with on our anniversary last month. Nine dozen one for each of the years we have been married and each set for the amount of months we have been married together. Let me tell you, you ever tried to have that many flowers around your house. It's a little crazy. Makes me think of Bed of Roses when he kept sending her flowers and they were everywhere. I love you Hun, thanks for the wonderful nine years of marriage and helping me to remember how great of a husband I have!

Where have we been?

Let's try this again. I just had this typed up and Brayden hit one button and the whole thing disappeared. I hate that, I really was into what I was typing. Anyway I was just looking at pictures that we downloaded onto the computer and realized we have done alot of fun things over the past month with the kids. I just haven't had the time to update our blog. Several people have asked for updates on what Shelbie looks like and I now realize that she is 5 months old and growing like crazy and I haven't posted any recent pictures. So in an effort to update our blog I am posting some of my favorite pictures from the last month or so from different things we have done!

Shelbie at the Dinosaur Museum in Ogden Utah, she loves sticking out her tongue and is fascinated with it right now. She is also rolling over and moves across the floor. She is such a happy baby, the only time she really fusses for me is when she is hungry or tired! Gotta love that!

So we went to Thanksgiving Pt. Cornbelly the pumpkin activities. Anyway the kids were playing in the princess area and Brayden came over to the stroller where I was with Shelbie took her bottle (he is a bottle snatcher) and walked away. I saw him walk into the doll house but than I didn't see him for a few minutes so I went looking for him and this is what I found him hiding in a corner with her bottle in hand. He is still my little baby #1 in many ways. And seeing pictures like this remind me that he is still little in lots of ways. He is 17 months this month. We just started integrating him into nursery on Sundays which makes life a little easier during class time. I'm glad because they just called Dave as the Gospel Doctrine teacher, which means less help from him with the two little ones during Sunday school. So far Brayden is liking nursery. I'm crossing my fingers that he will continue to like going and playing with the toys!

So Brody turned six in August the first day of school for him as well. Kindergarten, WOW. He really wanted a golfing party so we invited the neighborhood friends and set up a golf range in the raven near our home and the kids went golfing. For his birthday he wanted golf clubs. So we surprised him with his own kid set. He has gone several times with Dave up the canyon and loves it. Dave loves this sport considering it is one that they can enjoy together! He always has been good with different sports that involve balls, from early on throwing them to hitting them to now golfing! Another fun adventure for him!

This is Maggie and Alice her new friend. It's our business partners little girl. The two of them have a great time together. They both wanted butterflies when we went to the Thanksgiving Pt. activity for family night. Anyway Maggie is in preschool again this year and we are finally making improvements with her new teacher. She has a hard time adjusting to new things and this year she has a different teacher. So after 2 months we are getting to where she will walk into her classroom without the death grip attached to mom before I leave. She reminds me in many ways of me when I was little not liking changes. Having a hard time adjusting to new things. She is getting better at it though. She is a big sister in many ways to both Brayden and Shelbie and loves to make them both laugh.

Anyway just a few updates on the kids and what they are up too! Now for the fun stuff! In the next post!


Glad to Be Married

So there i was just browsing the intrenet and I came across this Video and I have to tell you I have been laughing for at least an hour straight. I am not sure if this Gal was doing this as a prank or what but I sure got a good laugh out of it. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Panama City, Florida

So we left the Henderson's on Thursday and spent the day working our way towards Panama City, Florida. We went through Tarpin Springs which has the monkey farm. Four years ago when we came to Florida me and Dave visited the monkey farm and thought it would be fun to see if it was open to take the kids there. We were lucky enough and they got to see the monkeys. We also made another lucky find and couldn't pass up the wonderful key lime pie in Palm Harbor. When I say lucky I mean it, Dave couldn't remember where it was located and on a hunch we tried the phone book and believe it or not it was listed under Pies. They must be popular. We are now traveling with a key lime pie and eating it as we go! So yummy! We arrived at Panama City late thursday night and went straight to bed! We got up the next morning and took the kids down to the beach. Its amazing to watch Brody and Maggie just a year later at the beach and how much they have grown and changed. Maggie loved the water and played till her was covered in sand! Brayden not so much, he didn't like the water. No surprise he isn't a big liker of the pool either. It's on to New Orleans from here!

The Hendersons

So we spent a total of 5 days in Florida. We spent Monday at Sea World and completely wore out the kids! We left Orlando and then traveled to Tampa to stay with the Henderson's. They are some friends from Dave's mission that we have come to love. They were so hospitable and let all of us stay at there home for several nights. We took all the kids including Heathers two boys, Lucas and Sam and Danny's little girl Lilly to a fun kid zone called Pump it Up. For those from Utah very similar to Kangaroo Zoo. The air filled toys that the kids go crazy for. We went out to dinner that night to a local restaurant that we fell in love with four years ago and insisted on going back to called Smokey Bones. Its a BBQ rib place that we loved. Wednesday we hung out close to there home and ran some errands getting ready to leave there place on Thursday. We went to the Florida Aquarium, which was so much fun. Thanks for the recommendation Cathy, the kids loved it. Brayden went crazy, he spent most of the time going up to the tanks and asking, "whats this" ooohhhh. His reaction alone made it worth the rainy day outing. We went to the Gator shop and got some fun memorabilia and went to a cool school shop that I have wanted to check out. Its called Lakeshore learning, they don't have one of those in Utah that I know of. Great prices on some fun things for the kids. That night Leo made his famous ribs that we requested. You haven't lived till you have experienced ribs from the south. Sorry to say but none of the rib places in Utah even come close to what they should taste like! My husband taught me true ribs fall off the bone and are really juicy. A definite must have anytime we visit the south! Thanks Leo for honoring are request, we loved the ribs and can't wait to attempt them on our own. This time Dave paid close attention to how you made them, so hopefully he can do them some justice. The kids spent some time in there hot tub swimming, and movie time in there room! The Hendersons home was a perfect place for the kids, toys and all. Thanks so much for letting us intrude on you and your space. We love you guys! Here are a few pictures from the Hendersons home!

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