December Fun!

Brody couldn't contain his excitement for his "Batman" stuff. It was batman year around here. Brayden opening his build a bear "Doggie".

This is what we got when Maggie came down the stairs and saw her bike, she was trying so hard not to smile! Shelblie getting into her new present! An exersaucer for girls. Tongue and all.

The kids christmas jammies!

This is beyond overdue, and will be short considering we have a little boy who likes to take apart the keyboard on our laptop computer so until it gets fixed the missing key that is driving all of us crazy the spacebar the most important key you use on it. ugggh. its a really big pain too. you try typing without using a spacebar and see how it drives you crazy. anyway a few highlights from christmas!

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The Haights said...

You guys all look SO cute in your PJ's!!