Halloween Party

Last but not least, our biggest and most exciting event that we have been preparing for all month. Our annual Halloween Party. Many of you have come in the past, but I will admit this one was by far the best one we have yet hosted. It was a blast and lots of fun to put together, it was lots of work but so worth it in the end. Thanks to everyone who attended and for those of you who didn't because you aren't here, or couldn't make it. You missed out on an amazing party if I do say so myself. Here once again are pictures from the 7th annual Eliason Halloween Party, hard to believe we have been doing them that long. They just seem to get bigger and better each year. I have to hand it my husband though for the fun idea that everyone seemed to love! And who knows we just might venture and try this one again next year! We have got a few ideas up our sleeves already!

The boys, classic mofia pictures of them and the crew! I love the outfits!
Who did it? Guilty!

This is Weston and Carolynn our backyard neighbors. There costumes rock. I didn't recognize them at first it was so good! She played the part to!

And the party host and hostess! Wish this picture would of turned out better, I'm going to have to see if one of the other cameras used turned out better!

Some of the group at the craps table! Lots of fun rolling those dice and playing with chips and not loosing real money!

So this next picture is the Lumberjack group. You may ask didn't they get the message it was a mofia party? Nate is a business friend of ours in the red beanie and he told his friends they were going to a lumberjack party so to dress accordingly. Well when they pulled up to our house, he then informed them that they were going to a mofia party. What a surprise they got. But it lead to some great ideas for next year, REDNECKS!

This is my brother who didn't inform his wife until 15 minutes before they were leaving that it was a mofia party. She never did see the invitation that he got. Next time I will remember to send the invite to the wife! You guys looked great! Hey they always needed a doctor and a ragged Anne (?) yah! Hope you all enjoyed the party. Here is one last shot of everyone at the end of the night! Thanks again to all who came and made it so much fun, we love hosting parties and everyone who comes makes it that much better and for us!


The Ashcraft Family said...

Im so sorry we missed it!! It looks like you guys had a blast and hopefully we can join you next year! Miss you guys!!

J and C said...

I am glad that you are back! I love your party pictures. We wanted to have one this year but couldn't because we are just getting out of boxes and ran out of time! I hope you had a blast!

Cynthia and Steve said...

So glad to hear an update. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!

The Haights said...

This was SUCH a fun party! I am glad we made the drive. It was definately worth it. The spread was wonderful too!
I guess the casino workers are from Tooele. I keep expecting to run into them at a store.

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