Where have we been?

Let's try this again. I just had this typed up and Brayden hit one button and the whole thing disappeared. I hate that, I really was into what I was typing. Anyway I was just looking at pictures that we downloaded onto the computer and realized we have done alot of fun things over the past month with the kids. I just haven't had the time to update our blog. Several people have asked for updates on what Shelbie looks like and I now realize that she is 5 months old and growing like crazy and I haven't posted any recent pictures. So in an effort to update our blog I am posting some of my favorite pictures from the last month or so from different things we have done!

Shelbie at the Dinosaur Museum in Ogden Utah, she loves sticking out her tongue and is fascinated with it right now. She is also rolling over and moves across the floor. She is such a happy baby, the only time she really fusses for me is when she is hungry or tired! Gotta love that!

So we went to Thanksgiving Pt. Cornbelly the pumpkin activities. Anyway the kids were playing in the princess area and Brayden came over to the stroller where I was with Shelbie took her bottle (he is a bottle snatcher) and walked away. I saw him walk into the doll house but than I didn't see him for a few minutes so I went looking for him and this is what I found him hiding in a corner with her bottle in hand. He is still my little baby #1 in many ways. And seeing pictures like this remind me that he is still little in lots of ways. He is 17 months this month. We just started integrating him into nursery on Sundays which makes life a little easier during class time. I'm glad because they just called Dave as the Gospel Doctrine teacher, which means less help from him with the two little ones during Sunday school. So far Brayden is liking nursery. I'm crossing my fingers that he will continue to like going and playing with the toys!

So Brody turned six in August the first day of school for him as well. Kindergarten, WOW. He really wanted a golfing party so we invited the neighborhood friends and set up a golf range in the raven near our home and the kids went golfing. For his birthday he wanted golf clubs. So we surprised him with his own kid set. He has gone several times with Dave up the canyon and loves it. Dave loves this sport considering it is one that they can enjoy together! He always has been good with different sports that involve balls, from early on throwing them to hitting them to now golfing! Another fun adventure for him!

This is Maggie and Alice her new friend. It's our business partners little girl. The two of them have a great time together. They both wanted butterflies when we went to the Thanksgiving Pt. activity for family night. Anyway Maggie is in preschool again this year and we are finally making improvements with her new teacher. She has a hard time adjusting to new things and this year she has a different teacher. So after 2 months we are getting to where she will walk into her classroom without the death grip attached to mom before I leave. She reminds me in many ways of me when I was little not liking changes. Having a hard time adjusting to new things. She is getting better at it though. She is a big sister in many ways to both Brayden and Shelbie and loves to make them both laugh.

Anyway just a few updates on the kids and what they are up too! Now for the fun stuff! In the next post!

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