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So I wanted to update everyone on something I have been doing. It's kinda in a story format so hear goes. Last week I was at a dance class that I have been taking, my neighbor Susan teaches a weekly adult dance class, let me clarify ---its mostly moms who haven't danced in years except for a few who are really good. Anyway I enjoy it and its lots of fun and challenging in many ways. BUT, I was talking with one of the moms there who is really good and she was commenting on how much she enjoys dancing and having an out that she likes. Something she was doing for herself and something she loves. I found it funny as I sat there listening to her talk about dance and realized I enjoy dance but it's not my out. I have a new out that I am absolutely loving. Something I have wanted to do my whole life and I am finally getting the chance to do. Last year my wonderful in laws surprised me and delivered the piano that they have had in there home for 31 years to us as an early Christmas gift! Dave's dad gave it to his mom when he was born as a gift, and so I was the lucky recipient to receive such a glorious gift, now to some of you it might not seem like that. But to me it was a dream come true. This is where the BUT comes in, for years I have dreamed of learning how to play the piano, but I never grew up with one in my parents home so it was wasn't something I had the pleasure of doing. When we were first married my husband surprised me with renting a piano for the first year of our marriage but when we built our home we decided to let the lease on it expire and return the piano that's a whole story in and of itself. Anyway I took piano lessons for a few short months at that time and really enjoyed it, but didn't really learn enough to remember how to play when we received the piano. It wasn't until we moved into our current home that the desire to play became even stronger as I walked by what we call the piano room each day. A persistent nagging to myself to learn, and find someone to teach me. So when the kids started school in August I found myself a wonderful teacher in my ward and signed up for lessons. She is amazing and the way she is teaching me makes so much sense. So as I sat there listening to the lady talk at dance I thought to myself yah I enjoy dance, but I love piano and I am so loving learning how to play. Each week when I go to my lesson I am like a little kid so excited to see what is next. I will admit finding the time to practice with my little ones isn't that easy and I sometimes don't get to it like I want each day. But when I do sit down to play it is such a release for me and feels so good to be doing something for myself that I have wanted to do for years. So this is just a small shout out to my in laws for making my wish come true and enabling me to pursue a dream that is now becoming a reality. I would attach a picture of the piano but I haven't taken one yet, so I need to add that to the list of pictures to put in my scrapbooking stack with this story! But I will attach a picture of me holding Nine dozen roses that my husband surprised me with on our anniversary last month. Nine dozen one for each of the years we have been married and each set for the amount of months we have been married together. Let me tell you, you ever tried to have that many flowers around your house. It's a little crazy. Makes me think of Bed of Roses when he kept sending her flowers and they were everywhere. I love you Hun, thanks for the wonderful nine years of marriage and helping me to remember how great of a husband I have!

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The Haights said...

How fun! I am proud of you. I noticed your piano books. I wish I kept up on my practicing. I'm not very good.