Format Frustrated!

So I am susposed to have some amazing update to add to this blog but right now when I get on I get frustrated looking at it. I spent several hours the other night updating and rearranging things on our blog and had this really cool look to it, and when I went to save it, it deleted the whole thing and than messed up the links on the sides. I still can't figure out how to get them back on the side instead of the bottom? Some code that I can't seem to find in the html format. Anyway if I had anything more exciting than pictures of the kids dressed in halloween costumes which has come and gone by now I would post pictures. We did get our family pictures done, but you will have to wait and see those in the Christmas card that we mail out this year. I love them, they turned out great.. Thanks Jen! Anyway when I figure out what I did wrong to the blog format I will have more updates!


The Haights said...

Early last week when I changed our blog format, I lost ALL of my blog list. I am still remembering people I have left off almost two weeks ago. It is so frustrating when that happens. You have my sympathy.

Cynthia and Steve said...

Oh that is SOOO frustrating! I hope you get it up and running soon- can't wait to see pics!