The Hendersons

So we spent a total of 5 days in Florida. We spent Monday at Sea World and completely wore out the kids! We left Orlando and then traveled to Tampa to stay with the Henderson's. They are some friends from Dave's mission that we have come to love. They were so hospitable and let all of us stay at there home for several nights. We took all the kids including Heathers two boys, Lucas and Sam and Danny's little girl Lilly to a fun kid zone called Pump it Up. For those from Utah very similar to Kangaroo Zoo. The air filled toys that the kids go crazy for. We went out to dinner that night to a local restaurant that we fell in love with four years ago and insisted on going back to called Smokey Bones. Its a BBQ rib place that we loved. Wednesday we hung out close to there home and ran some errands getting ready to leave there place on Thursday. We went to the Florida Aquarium, which was so much fun. Thanks for the recommendation Cathy, the kids loved it. Brayden went crazy, he spent most of the time going up to the tanks and asking, "whats this" ooohhhh. His reaction alone made it worth the rainy day outing. We went to the Gator shop and got some fun memorabilia and went to a cool school shop that I have wanted to check out. Its called Lakeshore learning, they don't have one of those in Utah that I know of. Great prices on some fun things for the kids. That night Leo made his famous ribs that we requested. You haven't lived till you have experienced ribs from the south. Sorry to say but none of the rib places in Utah even come close to what they should taste like! My husband taught me true ribs fall off the bone and are really juicy. A definite must have anytime we visit the south! Thanks Leo for honoring are request, we loved the ribs and can't wait to attempt them on our own. This time Dave paid close attention to how you made them, so hopefully he can do them some justice. The kids spent some time in there hot tub swimming, and movie time in there room! The Hendersons home was a perfect place for the kids, toys and all. Thanks so much for letting us intrude on you and your space. We love you guys! Here are a few pictures from the Hendersons home!

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