Can you say MOVING???

So if you are wondering where we are? Well I should go take pictures of the boxes that are starting to stack up in my front room, and my basement. Yep, we are moving. We knew it was coming, and have been just waiting for the right house, we found one we like so the packing begins once again. For those keeping tabs this makes number 9. The funny thing is, I have this thing mastered now. I'm proud to say I took my cold storage down and packed the entire thing in one day, now my office thats another story.. Anyway we are moving to Springville (we think) it borders Mapleton and so until I get told where to setup utilities I'm not exactly sure what city the house is in. Regardless we are excited for a new house, dreading the moving part and unpacking once again. So if you don't see any posts for awhile well understand I'm knee deep in moving! Other than that nothing terribly exciting really other than kids are getting bigger and my baby is 8 months old. Where did the time go, she is growing so fast. So is Brayden and talking up a storm, some words make sense others not so much. I loved in the car the other day though that he was making Shelbie giggle and loving it. He would growl at her and she would giggle back. They are starting to interact with one another and it is really cute! Before long they will both be playing and chasing each other around the house.


Ashcraft Adventures said...

Misty...Im so excited for you guys! Why the heck are you moving again??? Your house is already beautiful! Well anyways GOOD LUCK!! I look forward to pictures:) Talk to ya soon!

The Haights said...

You'll have to post pics of the new house when you get a chance! I HATE moving!! You guys are so brave.